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Suzanne Olsson on International Talk Star Radio with Rod McDowell, The X-Zone

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From:  Tomb Master: Tomb of Jesus Forum
Date:  Sat Nov 27, 2004  2:39 pm
Subject:  Update - Suzanne Olsson's radio interview

Hello everyone,

This update is brought to you by


As you know that last night was the first big night for

Our Vice President Ms. Sue Olsson was interviewed by Talk Star Radio that
was broadcast to radio stations in US and Canada to millions of

In the interview, that lasted more than 90 minutes on  air, people took great
interest and many of them asked their question via Internet or by phone.

Unfortunately, due to some problem with Radio Station's phone system, some
listeners were not able to connect to Sue in the Studio. However,  we all heard it on the
radio. There were all sort of questions that were asked by Rob McConnell, the
radio host- also know as Art Bell of Canada- who himself made a statement about
tomb of Jesus theory being very intriguing and very new to him.

He asked Sue questions regarding Bible history and it's relation to the Tomb Of Jesus
theory. He also asked her whether there were other people who support this
theory or have written about it.

Answering him, Sue explained to him and the radio audience that historically it was
"Hazrat Mirza" who first wrote on this subject a book "Jesus In India" back in
1908. She then went on drawing a direct connection to Dr. Fida Hassnain and
his books on this very subject.

Sue was also asked about why and how did Jesus go to India? In email responses
that we received later, some viewers objected about the firm tone by the Catholic radio
host and often biased way he questioned Sue.

On the other hand, even in a stressful environment, Sue managed to get all the
answers out to the millions of radio listeners. Many listeners rated her
 very successfully in conveying the Tomb Of Jesus message.

She was also enquired about website and it's scope

and mission. It was her first ever radio interview.

At the end Rob McConnell, thanked Sue for coming in and extended another
invitation to her to come back again and do another radio interview with him
because of the wide interest of the radio listeners in the theory of Jesus’ survival after the crucifixion.

You can send a direct email to Sue


or you can join her at
our discussion forums located at  

and at

I would also like to thank many others who wrote us very encouraging emails with
their positive feedback, especially the former missionary in-charge of
Fiji, Mr. Din Muhammad Shahed, for his kind words and recommendations to
Ahmadiyya community officials to invite Sue on MTA to be a guest at Community seminars.
Best Regards,
Tomb Master


The Tomb of Jesus website (TOJ) extends a welcome to its new Vice President, Suzanne Olsson