Letter from Ben, Abu Salahuddin, author of 'Saving the Savior" His Review about Suzanne Olsson

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by correspondent Arri Mitchell    Bangkok, April, 2004


Ben, aka Abu Bakar-Salahuddin wrote his book, 'Saving the Savior" and asked Sue Olsson to do a review of his book. She sent an excellent review, one that he still uses to this day when promoting his book. Ms. Olsson has often assisted Salahuddin in other ways too. In spite of the fact she was literally pinned down in the cross-fire of a war zone, she always tried to make time for his needs and requests. Here is a portion of the letter Ben Salahuddin wrote in prasie of Suzanne Olsson and her hard work and dangerous research efforts.

This letter has been edited regarding some false claims that appeared in the news media.


“I asked for something very important that could only be obtained for me at a high price. She not only obtained a film of Roza Bal, but she gave it to me for free. When she first went to Murree and approached the grave of Mother Mary, a Pakistan Army Guard approached her with a gun in his hand. What did she do? Did she retreat? Was she afraid? No!


She went to the highest military official she could find and discussed the grave. The next day she again encountered the armed guard, but this time she flashed her permission, and he stepped aside in amazement and let her proceed. LOL


Indiana Sue reached Srinagar at precisely the most dangerous time, when India and Pakistan had amassed troops on their borders and the world was worried they’d start a nuclear war; but maybe it’s providence, hey? Because now that she’s over there and among them, maybe she’ll actually stay under their radar.

Even before this, Srinagar was a dangerous place, and I can’t imagine how a woman alone would survive well there. But if there’s a way, it’lll be Indiana Sue who makes it through. She can  survive where Navy Seals would perish!

There is one other aspect of this I hesitate to entertain the idea, but I can’t help but wonder about it from time to time. I have occasionally wondered if there really is some powerful force behind her. I’m not saying she’s a prophetess or anything like that, but this driving force behind her; I’ve never seen anything like it. Jesus no doubt will have many descendents now if he had married that woman Marjan, but Sue feels something deep down inside more than anyone else. Maybe it’s genetic. Maybe it’s spiritual. And maybe it is through our Indiana Sue that God is working His plan to begin the process of getting the tomb opened and documented for the world.

Oh! And one last thing! The reason she has succeeded and got so close when all others failed is because she found out that according to Islamic law, she has more rights than anyone because she is related to the woman on top of Pindi Point in Pakistan, and to the man in the tomb of Roza Bal. How? Through her famous "bloodline of the Holy Grail."

She even came with the paperwork (her famous genealogy from France ) to prove it. The Imams have had many nervous meetings about how to handle this New York blond!

Mr. Salahuddin wrote this when Suzanne Olsson was still far away in Asia. Since then she has returned, and has a homepage where she has pictures and more information about her incredible and historic  journey. 

Jesus' Final Resting Place?
This sarcophogus recently removed from the tomb.How can we find out the truth now?

In the year 2002 the media had a frenzy reporting on Suzanne Olsson's work in Pakistan and Kashmir. She gave one interview to the Times of India, but articles sprang up around the world proclaiming they had more information. One article claimed she already dug up graves and got DNA  sent for testing. I asked Ms. Olsson about this and she said this is not true and was never said or implied by her. It's irresponsible reporting and should not be repeated. She has made several attempts to find out where that story originated. Her final warning, Check your facts first!