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Suzanne Olsson Book Review by Authorhouse
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Searching for Jesus in the East

Authorhouse press release

New York, N.Y.

   In a jaw-dropping new book by Suzanna Olsson, In Search of Jesus; Last Starchild of the Old Silk Road she describes her incredible quest to research the life of Jesus. She trekked through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kashmir, India, Israel, Ethiopia and Egypt to discover fascinating new findings about Jesus’ life after the Crucifixion, the commonalities among the world’s religions and other mesmerizing information about the origins of world religions.

   In Search of Jesus examines the lives of the individuals in the Bible stories we know today. Olsson visited Noah’s grave in Sialkot Pakistan, and explains how the yantra symbol of Star of David is the symbol also known as the Star of Kashmir, where most people are of Hebrew descent.

     Her findings also reveal that Shangri-La in the Himalayas is considered by many in the east to be the abode of Shiva, and had once been home to Abraham and Sarah. Olsson delves into detailed descriptions of the three magi who visited Jesus in Bethlehem, and the lives of Aaron, Moses, and the two Marys. Jesus. she says, was taught by the same magi schools that also taught Mary Magdalene and the Buddha.

      In Search of Jesus  is not only a thought-provoking book about the ancient history of Christianity, but also her own travels through the east. This brave woman, nicknamed “Indiana Sue” by her friends, spent years after her retirement traveling with guides and translators, donning burkhas and interacting with local people. She was with the Taliban before and after the 9-11 attacks, yet the governments allowed her to continue her research as a gesture of goodwill and respect for her stamina and for the very unique nature of her research. Her descriptions of her ordeals are powerful, especially her crushing disappointment when the research into Roza Bal, the tomb thought by many to be for Jesus, was suddenly cancelled by a few misguided directors.

      Moving and awe-inspiring, In Search of Jesus   the culmination of years of intense and dangerous hard work and research by a grandmother who risked her life for the truth about those people who fill the pages of one of the most revered religious texts in the world.

     Olsson has won praise from leading scholars such as Dr. Fida Hassnain of Kashmir, who wrote the forward, and the original Thomasian church, the Church of the East. When renowned scholars began contacting her for information, she “knew she had achieved something special.”